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"My son JT has been with Aaron for over 2 ½ years. During this time I have seen huge changes/improvements in my son. Along with his academics rising, he also shows respectfulness and courtesy to adults. He gained confidence and has set goals for himself. He recently received his black belt and instead of wanting to quit, he wanted to move up the black belt ladder. He competes in sparring events and with Aarons guidance has won many medals including several Gold. But he still remains humble. I cannot express enough the positive direction my 13 YEAR OLD is heading considering all the temptations paths he could have chosen in the teenage years."

~ John

"Our son has studied under Master Aaron Crawford for over three years now. Over the years, we have watched our son grow in strength, stamina, and confidence. His skills in other sports have greatly improved, and he has been able to speak and perform in front of large crowds. Our son went from a reserved child to a strong competitive young man, who has competed in many tournaments and has achieved gold in sparring at the black belt level. We attribute this to Master Aaron. He is an amazing instructor. His knowledge of taekwondo is extensive, and he truly cares about his students. You are never a “number” in his class. He gets to know each student, finds their strengths and weaknesses, and works to bring out their best. Words cannot say how much we appreciate Master Aaron. We would not have our son study under any other instructor."

~ Renee & Kevin Harris

"My son has been with Forney Taekwondo for about a year. He was previously enrolled at another school in Canton, TX. We regularly competed together at local tournaments where FTC was also enrolled to compete. We made the switch after comparing the two schools black belts against one another. As far as skill sets and knowledge of Taekwondo as it pertains to tournament fighting, FTC was above and beyond a superior school. Mr. Aaron Crawford's patience and love of Taekwondo shines in the face of any who are willing to learn his teachings inside the ring!! This man 'talks the talk & walks the walk'. Thank You FTC!"

~ Chase Enochs

"Our sons have studied Taekwondo under Master Aaron Crawford for just under two years now.  We have seen many changes during this time and they have all been positive.  Our sons have learned to be self-disciplined, to be responsible, and to be respectful to others.  They have both improved in school and life with Taekwondo and Master Aaron.  One of the biggest changes we have noticed is in their self-confidence.  They have learned to stand up for what's right, to speak in front of others, and how to show good sportsmanship in the face of competition.  This has happened because of the influence of Master Aaron and his extensive knowledge of Taekwondo.  Master Aaron truly cares about his students and their lives, in and out of Taekwondo.  We are truly grateful for Master Aaron and look forward to many more years."

~ Mark and Jennifer Freeman

"Forney Taekwondo has been a huge blessing for our son Xavier. Xavier's dad (my husband, Maurice) is awaiting a heart transplant and has an LVAD that keeps him alive. Xavier, our only child, (now 9) was having some issues in school last year with taking and following directions and his grades were falling too where he's always been an honor roll student. He was stressed due to his dad's illness and hospitalizations. After doing my research, I found out about Forney Taekwondo and Mr. Aaron. I heard nothing but great things about Mr. Aaron around the metroplex. Xavier started in January 2015 and his grades and behavior have soared ever since. He makes good choices and has become a leader. He loves Mr. Aaron and everyone at Forney Taekwondo and enjoys every class! Forney Taekwondo has become an extended family! He's been able to channel is stress and the results have been amazing. I attribute Forney Taekwondo and Mr. Aaron from turning a good kid into a GREAT kid! Xavier's ultimate goal in Taekwondo is to be a high-ranking black belt."

~ CaTrina Wright

"I cannot say enough good things about Master Aaron.  He is one of the main reasons my son was able to achieve his black belt.  Master Aaron was a positive, demanding, encouraging mentor.  He pushes his students to always be the best they can.  I have seen him relate well to students of all ages.  About halfway through my son's training (green belt level), Master Aaron was able to talk him through a period of wanting to give up.  Master Aaron was able to relate his own struggles through the process and encourage my son to keep trying.  My son says that one of the best days of my son's life was the day of his black belt test: going through that taught him that he truly can do anything he puts his mind to.  I credit Master Aaron with getting him through that, both by teaching him what he needed to know and teaching him a good mental attitude.  I know that what my child learned from Master Aaron he will be able to apply to so many things in his life.  We will be forever grateful.

~ Becky Price